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Create connected leaders.

We believe great leaders are successful because they have a connection

to what matters, their: personal why, business strategy, people & personal lives.

We are for the leaders who want to create better businesses.

To create places where people ‘want’ to work, where the word ‘job’ is seen as ‘purpose’.

Leaders who care about their people first, knowing that it is crucial to the bottom line.

We create connected leaders who get results.


Meet Jerry

Jerry is the CEO and Director of Kleeman International, a strategic business and coaching consultancy, based in Adelaide, Australia.
Throughout his career, Jerry has been the Director
of Sales for Fortune 500 companies, CEO for
high-tech start-ups and has coached some of Australia’s top performing executives.

“Jerry is an exceptional mentor and coach who is vested in developing people
to get the best out of themselves to be great leaders. He is a rational thinking motivator
who is very capable of maintaining direction and focus to achieve business
and individuals’ goals.
Jerry can be relied upon to hold you to account.”

Rob Milam, General Manager Aquamate

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